The content for this data came from semi-structured interviews held by earliest author

Brand new interview was basically conducted inside good conversational, flexible trends making it possible for the newest respondent the ability to introduce topics out of interest to help you the girl and to promote a keen insider’s position. The latest open-concluded interviews addressed the following standard topic portion: (a) relationship knowledge into the mid and soon after existence; (b) brand new character away from gender within the relationships; (c) decision-and make about dating, together with intimate decision-making and secure sex means; (d) aging and sexuality; (e) research of those experiences with earlier circumstances in time; and (f) the feel of remarriage. Interviews was conducted in both new participant’s home or a location of their choosing. Ahead of the start of the interview, participants finished concur versions. Respondents participated with the a voluntary basis and you can were not reimbursed for its time.


This new analyses displayed here target the several research questions. We earliest establish the results of your own phenomenological study, recording layouts that have certain instances from the narratives. We upcoming use these themes during the viewing the methods in which cultural narratives come bicupid telefonnГ­ ДЌГ­slo into play inside constructing individual stories on the remarriage.

Phenomenological investigation

Because of it data, transcribed interviews was basically assessed according to the methods of interpretive phenomenological analysis (IPA) (Smith, Herbs, & Osborn, 1997; Smith & Osborn, 2003). This approach was chose of the desire it offers to individual definitions whilst attracting tentative conclusions across interviews, hence tapping alot more generally towards phenomena from data. This new procedures away from IPA involve many consecutive stages in abstracting templates away from particular blogs, earliest for every single individual, then all over some body. The analysis leads to a good phenomenological “picture” out-of all the way down-top principles and higher-level themes for each individual, then, because these try linked all over anyone, a standard visualize. The research was presented from the very first blogger, however, all of the interviews was indeed discover and you will talked about by the first two writers, and the studies emerged and you can are altered compliment of these conversations.

I establish here the brand new layouts no more than conceptual level of it study-the main themes one to structured narratives from after life remarriage ( Dining table step one ). I note less than circumstances where you will find extreme variations among narratives for this type of themes, but for probably the most region, that it dialogue stresses meanings you to distinguisheded almost all of the narratives.

Dining table step one

While we find these types of leads to be important within understanding off women’s sexual relationship inside after life, especially in the bedroom of your development off remarriage, the new authors need certainly to alerting facing generalizing these results to all or any feamales in after lifestyle. The ladies was in fact told of blogs before the interview, and is possible that ladies who don’t should discuss its relationships otherwise sexuality otherwise whose remarriages did not are a sexual parts chose to not be involved in this study.

Pre-relationship dating: Not too desperate

Half the ladies interviewed had old before the child it partnered, and you can 1 / 2 of hadn’t. ounts and you can liked they to varying degrees. Getting Carol, it absolutely was the opportunity to waste time having one and you may are enjoyed just like the a guy once again, as opposed to because the a mother or father or widow. Generally speaking, these lady failed to big date into intention of interested in an excellent matrimony companion, at least not first. Carol and you may Martha said they’d no demand for remarrying; they enjoyed the organization and you can dialogue of men. One another reported are naive in relation to relationship and found their kindness in order to guys will misunderstood, plus they carry out want to rebuff or redirect men’s room affections. To own Mary and you will Karen, the need to help you remarry wasn’t 1st their reason for matchmaking, but as time passes, both wanted to discover somebody with whom they could once again express the lives.

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